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01 October 2008 @ 06:29 pm
Heartchu LOG Post II  
Second Log

From October 1 '08 till --->

(part 1 http://community.livejournal.com/lifeminuslove/4055.html)

October 14
(Card Count +11 =1235)

Pop Quiz: phantom17, cutie05, lovebilldbsg
MV Mania:
stylish22, coffee18, inked08
Lyrics Mania:
guitar10, sunshine12
Rising Puzzle:
Legend Puzzle:
Junior Puzzle:
Weekly Freebie:

Finished stampcard

Traded: litmusfall10, dontdonmv01 to topaze for victory01, inked13         *1
                musicians18, stylish03, 06, 30, wontak04, world09 to shuu for
tconcert10, 15, dolphin02, mouse12, 19, 20        *12

October 10(Card Count +27 =1224)

Thug Stoppers: snowdream19, goddess05, mrising13, inspiration14, now19
MV Shake: uknow20, guitar10, anyrandom
Mission Impossible: love13, lastfirstkiss13
Matchmaker: trainee15
Treasure Puzzle: colorful28, pose03, ellesse13, villageday22, bigbangchoicecoupon
Banging Puzzle: asdgkj06, hiddenstory08, playtime20, holiday17
Passion Puzzle: summerdream13, guitar14, iindwinds09, world15, lovebilldbsg
Nappun Puzzle: princess06, melody02, villagenight09, white02, snsdchoicecoupon
Q&A Reward: shineday07

October 5(Card Count +49 =1197)

Junsudoku; mirotic01, warning10, dontdonmv12, miracle09
WordMaze Reward: stylish05, charisma10, white16, afterlove15, teddybear08, badass03
Magnae Woes: stomp17, paris10, eastsea03
Scrambled Eggs: dressup19, cheerful14
KangIn's Wrath: playtime18, melody05
Pop Quiz: uknow08, lovebillsnsd
Lyrics Mania: shineday10, coffee14
Rising Puzzle: secretstory10
New Deck Freebies: mirotic02, comeback01, heart06
Weekly Freebie: howgee07
Legend Puzzle: snowdream12
Junior Puzzle: phantom04
Super Sudoku: hiyaya12, tconcert06, wolf19, wolf03, cheerful16, ss501randomcoupon, token-supersudoku
Breakdown: gangsta18, haruharu10, summerdream15, soshi10, angel01, mouse15, mawang02, giordano10, ss501choicecoupon, dbsgrandomcoupon, lovebillshinhwa, token-breakdown
Pretty Boy Collection: angel04, camping11, everyday05, shikshin11, showmeyourlove29, stylish30, uniform18
Stamcard Reward: sarang05, hug01

Traded: dontdonmv02 to Yoon for stylish23 *11
because05, 16, stylish29 to shuu for phantom20, inked10, inked14 *10

October 3(Card Count +29 =1148)

Mastery Badboy: cutie03, firstperson08, hentai12, hyoism14, leader07, master-badboy, musicians18, sj0802, umma20
Mastery Sexappeal: coffee01, gangsta08, happiness02, lastfirstkiss07, master-sexappeal, me04, stylish12, stylish14, taste01
Mastery Relax: guitar02, haengbok06, hot10, master-relax, sarang07, stylish08, stylish10, sunny16, wayuare04
Mastery First: hiyaya13, kissingyou04, master-first, phantom20, rainbow04, stylish06

October 1(Card Count +20 =1119)

Breakdown Special B: asdgkj12, summerdream07, colorful18, city29, baskin03, sj0513, wontak08, changjo09, ss501choicecoupon, ss501randomcoupon, lovebillsnsd, token-breakdown

Junsudoku: beautifulu08, mouse08, soulmate18, showmeyourlove17

Breakdown Special: summerdream01, u05, beautifulu04, ghetto07, stomp18, eternal10, stylish03, paris09, anychoice, shinhwachoicecoupon, lovebillshinhwa, token-breakdown
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