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01 October 2008 @ 06:29 pm
Second Log

From October 1 '08 till --->

(part 1 http://community.livejournal.com/lifeminuslove/4055.html)

October 14
(Card Count +11 =1235)

Pop Quiz: phantom17, cutie05, lovebilldbsg
MV Mania:
stylish22, coffee18, inked08
Lyrics Mania:
guitar10, sunshine12
Rising Puzzle:
Legend Puzzle:
Junior Puzzle:
Weekly Freebie:

Finished stampcard

Traded: litmusfall10, dontdonmv01 to topaze for victory01, inked13         *1
                musicians18, stylish03, 06, 30, wontak04, world09 to shuu for
tconcert10, 15, dolphin02, mouse12, 19, 20        *12

October 10(Card Count +27 =1224)

Thug Stoppers: snowdream19, goddess05, mrising13, inspiration14, now19
MV Shake: uknow20, guitar10, anyrandom
Mission Impossible: love13, lastfirstkiss13
Matchmaker: trainee15
Treasure Puzzle: colorful28, pose03, ellesse13, villageday22, bigbangchoicecoupon
Banging Puzzle: asdgkj06, hiddenstory08, playtime20, holiday17
Passion Puzzle: summerdream13, guitar14, iindwinds09, world15, lovebilldbsg
Nappun Puzzle: princess06, melody02, villagenight09, white02, snsdchoicecoupon
Q&A Reward: shineday07

October 5(Card Count +49 =1197)

Junsudoku; mirotic01, warning10, dontdonmv12, miracle09
WordMaze Reward: stylish05, charisma10, white16, afterlove15, teddybear08, badass03
Magnae Woes: stomp17, paris10, eastsea03
Scrambled Eggs: dressup19, cheerful14
KangIn's Wrath: playtime18, melody05
Pop Quiz: uknow08, lovebillsnsd
Lyrics Mania: shineday10, coffee14
Rising Puzzle: secretstory10
New Deck Freebies: mirotic02, comeback01, heart06
Weekly Freebie: howgee07
Legend Puzzle: snowdream12
Junior Puzzle: phantom04
Super Sudoku: hiyaya12, tconcert06, wolf19, wolf03, cheerful16, ss501randomcoupon, token-supersudoku
Breakdown: gangsta18, haruharu10, summerdream15, soshi10, angel01, mouse15, mawang02, giordano10, ss501choicecoupon, dbsgrandomcoupon, lovebillshinhwa, token-breakdown
Pretty Boy Collection: angel04, camping11, everyday05, shikshin11, showmeyourlove29, stylish30, uniform18
Stamcard Reward: sarang05, hug01

Traded: dontdonmv02 to Yoon for stylish23 *11
because05, 16, stylish29 to shuu for phantom20, inked10, inked14 *10

October 3(Card Count +29 =1148)

Mastery Badboy: cutie03, firstperson08, hentai12, hyoism14, leader07, master-badboy, musicians18, sj0802, umma20
Mastery Sexappeal: coffee01, gangsta08, happiness02, lastfirstkiss07, master-sexappeal, me04, stylish12, stylish14, taste01
Mastery Relax: guitar02, haengbok06, hot10, master-relax, sarang07, stylish08, stylish10, sunny16, wayuare04
Mastery First: hiyaya13, kissingyou04, master-first, phantom20, rainbow04, stylish06

October 1(Card Count +20 =1119)

Breakdown Special B: asdgkj12, summerdream07, colorful18, city29, baskin03, sj0513, wontak08, changjo09, ss501choicecoupon, ss501randomcoupon, lovebillsnsd, token-breakdown

Junsudoku: beautifulu08, mouse08, soulmate18, showmeyourlove17

Breakdown Special: summerdream01, u05, beautifulu04, ghetto07, stomp18, eternal10, stylish03, paris09, anychoice, shinhwachoicecoupon, lovebillshinhwa, token-breakdown
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20 August 2008 @ 06:52 pm
Stampcards, items, eventcards, coupons, lovebillsClick for othersCollapse )
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25 July 2008 @ 10:54 am
Hi I am sharing another layout I made.

This one is YooChun with his dog Harang, its a very simple layout, but I hope you'll like it


(live preview for some time at my lj astridlinga 


Only tried in firefox, don't have IE at the moment
also advertisement placement should be vertical for best view, but all work

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25 July 2008 @ 10:54 am
Hi I am sharing another layout I made.

This one is YooChun with his dog Harang, its a very simple layout, but I hope you'll like it


(live preview for some time at my lj astridlinga 


29 June 2008 @ 03:48 pm
Finally I finished the layout I prommised [info]moon1084

Layout style: flexible squares
Works with navbar
Works with ads (for best view horizontal or between entries)

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18 May 2008 @ 04:25 pm
This is now the post where I will keep a log for my Heartchu TCG!!!

Part two here http://community.livejournal.com/lifeminuslove/5440.html

For my TCG Post go here

Clicky for my logCollapse )
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18 May 2008 @ 04:08 pm
Hi I'm astridlinga, also known as lingie in

Member number:157
Level: 3 / ♥ I'm a boy, you're a girl ♥
Amount of cards: 991

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Click for everythingCollapse )</div>

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30 April 2008 @ 06:46 pm

This is the first time I am making a tutorial so I hope it is easily understandable and that you like it.

avieyal  had requested in a post in dbsg  for someone to make a manip of a picture she posted, and as billibelle  had asked me to make a tutorial to make manips... here it is

Please enjoy!!!!

On to the tutorialCollapse )

To skip the whole tutorialCollapse )
I hope you like the picture, and if you use please credit!!

and I hope the tutorial was useful, not too complicated and showed the important parts

Please leave a comment cause they encourage me and make me happy!!!! ♥♥♥
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28 April 2008 @ 09:12 pm

Lately I have spent my time with PhotoShop and I came up with 4 wallpapers XD

They are not the best but I find them cute!!!! and thought of sharing with you, they are all featuring Jae *not baised at all LOL* 3 of them are actually the same but at the same time different!!!

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